Let us break bread and Pray

My brothers as we head into another week of possible and probable poosy plundering, may you stay cloaked in your red pill awareness, draped in the fine textiles of frame, aloofness, and abundance.  May truth and logic never leave your side as a faithful hound never leaves his master.  With every breeze and raindrop let the elements nurture your growth as an oak tree digging its roots deep into receptive cervix of a young and lithe earth mitten.  Let not the screaming and burning of beta asteroids deter your path through our celestial poon realm, but rather rejoice in your atmospheric blanket of unplugged freedom, that will stand as a fortress protecting and obliterating all incoming filthy former orbiter projectiles hell bent in their own destruction towards the comforting tranquil sea of normalcy and complacency.



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